Holy begeezus

Where did this year go? I mean, seriously….we had exams today and yesterday and now it’s spring break! But this will also be our last semester. 9 more weeks and we’re out of school. That might seem like a long time, but it’s really not. These past 9 weeks went by extremely fast. Seriously, where had time gone? I know they say high school flies by but woah. ._.

Anywho! I FINALLY HAVE HEADPHONES AGAIN. I’m happppyyyyy about that. Buuuuuuuuuuuut I have other reasons to be happy too C:

Speaking of being happy! I HAVE FREAKING AMAZING FRIENDS. You know what the funny part is though? It’s none of the same people I was going on about earlier in the year. (Well except Zada and Devin. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Marisol though…) Anywho. Yeah. It’s a new group of people. All those others can go…nevermind. Sooooo there’s Zada, Devin/Apeman, Marisol, Cassie, Lizbeth, Angelica (sophomore), Cesar/Mr.Salad (sophomore), Taylor/Tayly, Brandon, Kiwan, and yeah I’m done naming everyone. Long list, short- I have a new group of friends. Aha.

So does anyone still even check up on blogs? Or talk to anyone still? I still talk to Maddie, Amy, Ally, and that’s really it….I mean, I talk to Chico, Ben, Kristen, Andres and them every now and then but not enough to say we really TALK.

Oh! I got 100% on my Art Exam C: I feel accomplished there.



Hi! So, we had to take practice ACT tests today! It was okay, I guess…I, pretty certain I did well on the English one, not so great on the math, decent on the reading one, and terrible on the Science one. Any who, so that took up until lunch, sort of (12:55 is our lunch time) and after that, you had to pick an activity to do for the rest of the day. I chose movie (the one in Ms. Sebranek’s room. She’s my advisory teacher ^.^) She put on Step Up: Revolution!!! It was amazing, to put it simply.

Soooooo, yeah. I don’t know….that’s really all I have for now .-.

Oh! But Citizenship was awesome yesterday cx we had to make up/plan a city, then make a bill of Rights for it, but you couldn’t have anything that was already an amendment. Then you had to bring in a dish that your city was known for. We brought in Cinnamon Squares, and our city was named Narnia C: Annnnnnnd, our motto was ‘Nothing is Impossible’ cx awesome, right? So, yeah. It was cool C:


Little Jedi.

My dad is giving me a ride to school today C:

Well, Happy-Late-Valentines Day!! Yeah…I forgot yesterday .-. Although yesterday was pretty AH-MAZ-ZING. Not because I had a valentine. Cause I didn’t. Nope, it was amazing because I have awesome friends. Well, when they’re not starting drama at least…

Zada and I are Jedi. All arguments are invalid against us. Cx

Well, if you’re an 8th grader reading this, here’s a piece of advice: High school really isn’t that bad. It’s not like how the movies portray it. I mean, yeah, you have your little cliques, but there’s no shoving people in lockers or stuff like that.

-You have 5 minutes to get to you next class, not like 20…and if you’re late, well, some care. Others don’t really pay attention/care. But that doesn’t mean you can show up, like, half an hour after class starts, cause they WILL notice. Then again, some won’t care then either….but most will question you!! XD

-If you ditch, you get a phone call home for every time you’re not in a class, so don’t even try it.

-There’s drama. Of course there’s drama, we’re teenagers, get real, people…

-People aren’t as annoying. Although most people annoy me…so I can’t speak for you on that one..

-It’s not AS hard as everyone is drilling into your head. Yes, there’s homework. Yes, it has to be in on time or its a 0. Yes, there’s a ton of writing (in my Citizenship class at least -.-) But as long as you pay ATTENTION and LISTEN, you’ll do fine. And make sure you get to class on time..

Anywho, I recommend my school. Instead of the 8 classes a day, we have 4 (you’re schedule just changes every semester) and they fit a years worth of learning, into two semesters. (For example, I had Algebra the first 2 semesters, and now I’m done with that for the rest of 9th grade year.) It’s really not as bad as it sounds. It’s actually better because we have 90 minutes per class so the teachers have time to teach the lesson, and help you and, most of time, time to do another lesson. So, by the end of the two semesters, you’ve learned everything (if not more) that is required for a 9th grader to know.

I’m a Jedi, see? Cx


People of this world..

Well, exams are tomorrow and Thursday. Fun, right? Hahaha no. I hate exams. With a burning passion. I’m already just barely passing Art, and judging by the study guide, it’s going to be complicated. I have a C in English. Although, again, judging but he study guide, I should be able to get a fairly decent grade. I can’t really study for Broadcast Journaling because, well, we didn’t really learn anything. Lastly, I exempted out of Algebra. Again. I have an A in that class, I don’t want to mess that up. Well, after these exams, we get our new schedule xc

Well, I don’t know what else to say besides, high school sucks. It’s fun sometimes, but most of the time, no.

Have a good day!

Christmas Eve./ Doctor Update

My appointment was at 10! If went….well I suppose…

1.) I shrunk. I went from 5’7″ to about 5’5″
2.) He referred to me to a eyes, nose, and throat doctor for the dizziness.
3.) When I was at the hospital, she suggested a heart doctor and he never really disagreed or agreed to that…so, I’m not sure on that one..
4.) My arm is all redishhh from where she stuck the needle in.
5.) I had to redo all the tests….well, some of them.
6.) Still no caffeine…. :/


On to the good news….!

Alex (my friends) birthday is coming up! His is on the 5th, Devin (another one of my friends) is on the 6th, then mine is the 8th cx (All January) I’m not sure what to get Alex though. He’s stubborn 😡

Annnnddddd….that’s about it. Although I can’t wait for Christmas tomorrow!

Oh! And I like this picture….